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The Only TRUE Search Engine Friendly Shopping Cart Software Solution !


Join the SearchFit Reseller Shopping Cart Solution.

Are you an ISP, Web Deveoper or Affiliate Shop Owner looking for a really successful Shopping Cart E-Commerce Solution for you or your Customers?

SearchFit "The only Search Engine Friendly Shopping Cart Solution" is now available!

Why we developed SearchFit:

Lets see our Background
SearchFit is a Division of RWG Internet & Marketing --
The Company started the Internet Business about 8 Years ago - a major Part of Business was always Search Engine Optimization -- we always offered a Solution for Small and Medium Businesses, focusing on actual Business Success from our Customers.
Over many Years we watched the difficulty E-Commerce Systems had to get visible on the search engines. 
Our last 5 Year Statistics show --
a.) 85% of the Shopping Carts had a very poor Search Engine Ranking.
b.) 60% of E-Commerce Web sites were out of Business after a Year.

Normal Search Engines deliver a round 85% of Internet Traffic and special E-Commerce Sites depent on a high Visitor traffic.

We test all major Shopping Cart Programs and faced the same Problems.

  • All Carts run like an Auto-generated Database Driven Web Site
  • The complete Industry started a lot of Affiliate Programs to get more Traffic to there Internet shops but with a simple Affiliate Reseller Address in a Database.
  • Poorly written Database Pages with very low or no Search Engine Optimization Possibility.
  • Daily contacts from Shopping Cart Owner or Affiliate Web Site Owners for Ranking Optimization.
  • Also not all Search Engines try to help to get these database-driven web sites scrolled from the search engine robots..
  • In the Static Vs dynamic debate, was Google or other Search Engines just a tiny part of the bigger issue.
  • - Encourage people to link to you.
  • - Allow proxy caches to cache you.
  • - Allow browsers to keep static caches.
  • - Slows down rogue bots. ... more Info

All our Research and Results come back to following Conclusion
It is wise to switch your dynamic website to static HTML anywhere and everywhere you can. A static url site will always work better for all concerned than a dynamic url based site.

SearchFit Shopping Cart Database System take 100 % care of all this problems and have more useful features for Search Engine Optimization.
       SearchFit "The only Search Engine Friendly Shopping Cart”
Today we have the only Shopping Cart what maintain the Shop Database driven but create Static HTML Web Site with all necessary Components for Search Engines.
Allow us some Question :
Can your Shopping Cart System today creating or controlling following

  • Static Search Engine Optimized HTML Web Sites created and controlled via a database?
  • Affiliate Sub User with complete personal Shop and Static HTML Web Sites
  • Creating Reseller Shopping Carts with personal Design different Sales Prices on any Web server worldwide with one button click?
  • Updating multiple Shopping Cart Systems worldwide with one button click?
  • Controlling Multilanguage - Multi Currency - Multi Tax Systems via one Shopping Cart System with for example 50 User worldwide and one button click update?
  • Updating with Static HTML Web Sites via a normal web browser session?
  • Creating Web site Design via normal HTML Coding ( Full Custom Design ) ?
  • Optimizing each created single product page for Search engines ?
  • Controlling a true Multi User System with multiple Domain Names?
  • Controlling Multi Server and Multi User via 1 major Shopping Cart System ?
  • Creating real Shopping Cart reselling web sites everywhere with one button click ?

The SearchFit System control all this and is one of the advanced System on the Internet. Click here for all Features
We know today SearchFit Shopping Carts with his Multi User & Multi Server System will get your Customers on the Top of Search Engines.

Multi User Program     Click Here for Graphic Chart   Multi User Program - More Info

Multi Server Solution Click Here for Graphic Chart   Multi Server Solution - More Info

Contact our Representative ! Don’t stay Behind - offer a TRUE SHOPPING CART SYSTEM , for Long Term Customer Success Guarantee.





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